3 Tips To Prevent Damage To Your Utility Lines When Installing Pipes

There are many different reasons why you might be installing pipes on your property. Although you might be pretty excited about the project that you currently have in the works, you might also be concerned about the damage that will be done to your property. Not only do you have to worry about damage to your landscaping, you also have to worry about damage being done to your utility lines. This can be expensive, can cause power or other utility outages in your home and neighborhood, and can cause other issues. Read More 

Want A Better Backyard? 3 Ways To Turn Your Drab Concrete Slab Into An Inspirational Patio

If your back patio makes you want to run back into your house in full-retreat mode, it's time to make a few changes. After all, your backyard should be a place where you want to relax and unwind, not a place that makes you want to build a super-high privacy fence so your neighbors can't see what your plain concrete patio looks like. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to transform your drab concrete slab into an inspirational patio where you will love to spend most of your free time. Read More 

4 Signs You Need To Repair Your Roof

There are many different reasons you might need to repair your roof, but how do you know it is time? Unless you have a major leak that is causing a puddle of water in your living room, it can be hard to notice the little signs. Here are some common symptoms of needing roof repairs. There Is a Leak The first sign that you need to repair your roof is if you have a leak. Read More 

Locating And Preventing Invasive Tree Root Problems

Does your tree appear healthy, but the roots are causing havoc in your landscape or to your home? Learn about the common problems that occur when tree roots invade, and find out what you can do to solve the issue. Spotting Trouble Not all tree root trouble is easily visible, since it occurs underground. It's up to you to monitor for the signs of some of these common issues so you can catch them before it's too late. Read More 

A Guide For New Oil Industry Project Managers: Understanding The Importance Of Steam Trucks

If you are a new project manager going to work in the oil fields in the north for the first time, then you should first understand how valuable it can be to include a steam truck in your fleet of machinery working on your company's land lease areas. Steam trucks are good for cleaning and degreasing heavy equipment, as well as being safe for both people and the environment. What follows is some information to help you see the value of utilizing a steam truck on your company's oil leases on future projects you manage: Read More